International Association of Technical English Trainers e.V.


IATET was founded on 28 March 2009 in Ulm, Germany.

The IATET Committee is responsible for forming and carrying out the Association's policy in the interest of our members. It is elected biannually and consists of the President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary. Other people are involved behind-the-scenes, and for special tasks such as Regional Coordinators.

2013 and 2014 IATET Committee
President Paul East
Vice President Cornelia Kreis-Meyer
Treasurer Andreas Büsing
Secretary Andreas Baernthaler

Regional Coordinators
North America Vicki Hollett
South America Mercedes Viola
Brazil Leticia Mafra
Gulf Region Abdullah Alghamdi

Northern Germany Petra Walczok
Austria Andreas Baernthaler
Italy Fiorenza Congedo
Italy Barbara Forza
Romania Cris Dogarel
Switzerland Graham Tritt
Turkey Isil Boy